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3 Ways to Overcome Fear

When facing the unknown, fear will try to highjack your mind.

It can be overwhelming and daunting. But how can we overcome it? What are some ways we can combat fear in the midst of the storm? In these moments, the story of Peter walking on water but then sinking as he lost focus of Christ commonly is used.

We are told, keep your eyes on Christ and take your eyes off the storm. But what does that mean? What can we practically do to "focus on Christ?"

So here's a few things we can do to take our eyes off the storms of life and refocus them on Christ. 

Have a daily time with the Lord
Some people call it a quiet time, others a personal devotion time - whatever you call it, set some time in your day, preferably in the morning to worship, read the Bible, and listen to what God may be trying to say to you.

This process is critical because the Lord is planting scripture and truth within you when you may not be enduring any hardships. So when you do face the hard time, your spirit will be full of wisdom based on the word of God.

Storms are scary, and no one is exempt from them but let's not give fear one more moment of freedom in our minds. God's got us and He loves us.

2) Verbally surrender the worries
When you find yourself sinking over a concern, situation, or an unknown result - stop and verbally give it to God. Admit that the thing is bigger than you can handle and ask God to cause His perfect will to be done.

This exercise of surrender reminds us that we are dependent on God and that He is in control at all times. 

3) Worship

There is power in the name of Jesus. When we choose to speak of God’s goodness, faithfulness, perfection, etc. we focus our eyes on Him. This realignment causes us to shift from a self-centered focus of the problem to a God-centered focus. Is our problem too big for God? No. Does he want good for you? Yes. Is He a good God? Absolutely!


Worship is simply speaking of God’s attributes and putting ourselves in a position to acknowledge Him in His fullness.


My prayer is that you will face your fear and your storms with boldness and courage. And that with these three simple tools, you will find yourself overcoming your storms on a greater level.

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